Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Saturday and Sunday

On Saturday morning I didn't watch my brother play rugby for the first half of his game that he played but I did watch the second half of the game. It was at the home ground of his team. His team is called Marist Black Magic Under 10 Restricted. Karl is a forward. His team won. On Saturday night we went to the Rugby at  Eden Park: Black Ferns vs England and the Black Ferns won. The Chiefs played the Blues and the Chiefs won the game. We did not watch the full game because we thought the Chiefs would win the game.

On Sunday, Oma, Oom Ron and Tante Norma took Karl and I swimming.  We got to have some free time first, then we had our swimming lesson.  We've both been swimming since we were babies, and I like swimming.  If we go to the beach, I like to swim out far and my lessons have helped me with this.

As soon as swimming was finished, and we'd had our shower, we went to the Scout Hall for our Papa's birthday party.  He had turned 50 on the 2nd July.  He was born in 1963 in the Netherlands.  Mama had decorated the hall with orange balloons as orange is the colour of the Netherlands.  I had a fun time there because we got to play outside with friends and Karl and I went home in Uncle Malcolm's car.  He let us play on his phone while he had a drink with Papa.  Papa enjoyed his day.

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Tsana Plessius said...

You wrote a lot in this entry, describing a busy weekend. It was great that we got to see our friends and family at Papa's party.
I especially enjoy the detail you have included in your writing - things like the name of Karl's rugby team, how long you have been swimming for, and when Papa was born.
Well done,
Love Mama

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