Friday, 5 June 2015

Poetry Recital

First Poem Recital at Glenbrae School

Today, Glenbrae School had its First Poetry Recital in its school hall. Each class had 3 people reading the poems, 3 people thanking and 3 people introducing. The audience was Glenbrae Students, Teachers and Teacher Aides.

Our classes Introducers were Alfred, Dora and Linda-Kiki. The people reading the poems from our class were Moses, Maara and Angelica. The people thanking from our class were Sam, Mata and Fraser.

First of all, Room 10 recited their poems for Glenbrae School. Next it was Room 9’s turn. Room 9 went well. The poem Moses recited was by a mysterious poet. The mysterious poet is Mr Nath.

Thirdly, Room 7 did their poems for Glenbrae School. They spoke clearly. Room 8 then did their poems for us. I liked all of the poems by Room 8.

Fifth was Room 5. Room 5’s poems were good and I liked them. Room 4 came next. All of Room 4 spoke clearly and I liked all of the poems the did.

Lastly was Room 1, they said their poems before the classes left. Room 9 went last, packed up the hall and had a photo taken of the class.

In the end, all the poems were good.

Friday 5 June 2015

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