Monday, 29 June 2015


One day in the weekend I decided to follow up on our science learning at school so I made 2 loaves of bread. I used the Edmonds Cookbook recipe to make the Wholemeal Bread.

First of all, I combined the first ingrediants in a bowl. The yeast fed off the honey in the warm water and created froth with water underneath.

Yeast is a single-celled organism and needs four conditions if it is to begin dividing and growing, which is how it raises the dough. The sugar starts the fermentation. The heat makes the yeast start working but too much heat will destory it. Another condition required for yeast to work is moisture which, like the heat, is provided by the hot water. Time is needed to complete the process.

Next I put in the wholemeal flour and the high grade flour in a another bowl. I then mixed the frothy mixture with the solids. I then kneeded the dough, put the dough in how water and waited. I then kneeded it again then put it back in hot water. I let it rise then baked it.

It was yum and I made 2 loaves.

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