Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sugar in food items

Cost of family groceries and sugars in food items

Total cost of all groceries = $145.32 (however, I have only selected a sample of the groceries to report on)

Amount of sugar in selected items:

  1. Edam Cheese 1 KG  <1.0g/100g
  2. Homebrand Milk 3L  4.8g/100mL
  3. Pitted Prunes  34.2g/100g
  4. Verkers Salami  0.5g/100g
  5. Sun.maid Raisins  71.4g/100g
  6. Wholegrain Mustard  6g/100g
  7. Pear Halves  14.1g/100g
  8. Diced Tomatoes  3g/100g
  9. Green Kiwifruit 8.99g/100g
  10. Baked Beans  6.2g/100g

Total amount of sugar is these 10 items:

150.19g = 10 tablespoons with 0.19g leftover

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Tsana Plessius said...

Hi Robin,
One of the problems with dried fruits, although they are healthy for us to eat, is that the high amounts of sugars that are in them, which are in a concentrated form, stick to our teeth. Hence, tooth decay.
Love Mama

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