Thursday, 24 September 2015

Inter-School Cross Country

Today, I went to Baliey Road School for the Inter-School Cross Country representing Glenbrae School.

When we got to Baliey Road School we went and sat down. We then had morning tea before the Year 3 Girls started their race. Kalo who is a Year 3 Girl came second. When the Year 3 Girls had finished the Year 3 Boys started their race.

The next 3 races were the Year 4 Boys and Girls and the Year 5 Girls. Then it was my race. I lined up at the starting line next to the two other Year 5 boys from my school whose names are Loto and Alex. By the end of my second lap I came 9th out of more than 23 people.

When we got back to school, school had finished so we collected our netbooks and went home.

I was happy because I got first from my school in my year level.

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