Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Superhero Story

“Ding Ding” Arch-Angel leapt out of bed and disappeared with a crack. He arrived at headquarters when the rest of the team met. He saw Tech-Man and Batula appear. Arch-Angel gave them the coordinates of where the Nightmares are. They dissapeared with three silient cracks.

Meanwhile, Spiderclaw snuck into the Angel’s headquarters. He got through 8 locks and 2 security systems. He then found the center of the base, the room which he was looking for, the room that held the most valuabe gem in the world.

At the place where the 4 weakest Nightmares were, a battle had begun. Batula took down the Krayman. While he was taking down Krayman got four cuts and a bruised leg. Tech-Man got two bruises and three cuts while taking down Eateshin. Arch-Angel got eight cuts and 1 bruise while taking down Draclin and Gothnin.

At the Angel’s headquarters, Werin and Clawolve took down the guards and protected Spiderclaw. After fighting in 18 battles and killing 371 guards, men and superheros, they finally got out of the Angel’s headquarters.

Arch-Angel, Tech-Man and Batula finally handed Krayman, Eateshin, Draclin and Gothnin to the police and headed back to headquarters. As soon as Batula entered he gasped. Tech-Man and Arch-Angel entered fast and shook their heads in disbelief. Batula said to Arch-Angel “They must have stolen the gem. They are planning to steal it. The Nightmares we fought at must have been a diversion for Spiderclaw to steal the gem. We need to dress up in disgiuse and buy the gem off the Nightmares.”

The next day they went to the market place to find a large crowd gathered there. People were yelling out prices. Batula said “This must be the auction for the gem. Start bidding.”

“Good of you to come today, Arch-Angel. We were expecting you to come and buy your gem back. But you won’t because you are coming with us to our headquarters.” A voice said. Then they were grabbed around there collars and were whisked away to a van. They were put in the van and driven away.

“Arch Angel, it is a pleasure to see you today” A voice said. “Brother it is a good time to see you to, or should I say Dracula dear.” Arch-Angel said. “Tell your friends the truth would you, Thorula” Dracula hissed.

Thorula to his companions as they were brought in. Tech-Man was struggling against his bonds. “Batula, you are my nephew. I should have told you this from the start. My real name is Thorula and my two brothers are Dracula, here pointing to Dracula and Vampirula, who is standing next your kind hearted Uncle Dracula. Batula, you are the son of my brother Vampirula.” said Thorula aka Arch-Angel.

“Come with me, Batula, come to see the family tree.” Dracula said. Dracula took off with Batula and Vampirula. Thorula went the short way to the family tree. “You still remember the ways around the castle don’t you.” Vampirula said as Thorula rounded a corner. “Of course I do, I drew up the plans for this old place.” Thorula said. “I thought you would remember this place. I was right was I not.” Vampirula said.

Thorula heard a bell and told the others that the Nitecreatures were attacking. They raised the defenses but the Nitecreatures got through all the castle’s inhabitants put up. Nothing could stop this clan.

A fight had begun. The Nitecreatures were winning. Then the Ula Clan appeared. The true battle had started. Then the Kingula started fighting. The Nitecreatures were being killed fast or they fled in the nick of time. The battle was over thanks to the superhero Kingula.

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