Sunday, 11 February 2018

America Trip 2 - Day 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

On Thursday morning we left the hotel, and headed towards a lighthouse so that Mama could take a photo of it. The place was in a good area, so we took a photo of it, before we headed to Newport.

Newport is a town, which has a district called Mansion District, and is called that because it has large homes belonging to rich families such as the Vanderbuilt's. We took a look around the district and were impressed by the houses which were there. We had our lunch there before continuing on towards Elkton.
The Breakers, the grandest of the summer cottages, once owned by the Vanderbilts

We stopped at Yale to see if Karl or I wanted to go there, but unfortunately I felt it was too cold.

We then stopped at a place for dinner, kept driving for a bit, and eventually stopped in Middletown for a room and bed.

We had gone from Massachusetts to Rhode Island to Connecticut to New York state - 4 in one day!

On Friday we got up, and headed straight for Hershey, so that we could meet up with a friend of Mama's, and had lunch with her. I think that Mama and the friend enjoyed seeing each other again.

Then it was in to Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania, and time for a quick look through the State Museum.  Some interesting exhibits on the Civil War, coal, and the animals in this state.

Silverware off the USS Pennsylvaia

Replica of the Liberty Bell

We reached our final destination later that day. We saw Tante Thea and Oma later on, before going to Regina's apartment, met Ken, Coco and Tatiana and having dinner. We stayed at there house for the night, and enjoyed seeing them all.

Saturday and Sunday was spent exploring Elkton and the surroundings, and spending time with our family. We visited the Amish village in Pennsylvania, took a tour around the Amish house and village. The house has modern appliances converted to different ways to power them, as Amish can only use some items.

We saw lots of horse and buggy's on all of our journey's through Amish country.

For lunch we had soup at a nice place, and we all tried a piece of shoe fly pie.

We then went to a place where Regina often rides her horse Blue John, looked at the ruins of an old house, saw one of the markers from the Mason - Dixon line, and saw Blue John where he stayed.

We went back to Regina's for dinner, before going to bed.

Sunday was a wet day, but we went to look at a statue made for Oom Franz, Tante Thea's husband, before going to the pool with Regina, Coco, Karl and Tatiana.

We ended Sunday with the news that Oma had felt unwell, and went to the hospital, though we never went to the hospital with Oma, we were worried.

On Monday, Mama and Papa picked us up from Regina's after we had dropped Coco off at school and gotten donuts. We took a look at a covered bridge (which is a bridge with a roof on it. We then went into Delaware to a Lego store, an official Lego store, so I bought some lego and Karl bought some lego.

We stopped in New Jersey to stretch our legs, and made it with plenty of time to the Thrifty car drop off, where we dropped of the car, got on the train and went to the apartment to meet Oma. We had pizza for dinner then bed.

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