Monday, 12 February 2018

America Trip 2 - Day 20, 21, 22, 23

On Tuesday, we jumped on the bus and jumped off near the White House. But first we went to the Old Clock Tower, which is in the now Trump Hotel. I loved the views that you could see from the top of the tower.

Our next stop was the White House Visitor Centre, where I got two Junior Ranger badges, which is one thing that I am happy about. When Andrew Jackson got ill, he ate squirrel stew.

The next stop was the Ford's theatre, which is the place where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. The person who killed Lincoln, Booth, expected to be a hero in the South, but was condemned by all for his actions. Lincoln was taken across the road to the Peterson House after he was shot, so that his family could come and say good bye to him with little public attention.

On Wednesday, we welcomed Tante Thea before going to the National Museum of African American Culture. I saw some stuff which I had done researched or heard about in History last year. I saw the original casket on Emmett Till, one of the reasons why the Civil Rights Movement started. Mrs Bryant, one of the accusers, has recently said that she lied, and Emmett Till had done nothing.

We then had lunch in the cafe, and found the lemon pie very tasty.

The next stop that we went to was the National Museum of American History. It had items such as the Star Spangled Banner, the hat that Abraham Lincoln worn to his assassination, and dresses worn by first ladies.

We dropped Tante Thea back at Union Station before going back to the apartment and going to bed.

On Thursday, we left our apartment and headed to Union Station to get on the MARC Train. We headed to Baltimore International Airport, got on a flight to Detroit. When we arrived to Detroit, we rushed to our next flight to LAX.

We picked up our car and found our motel room rather easily. For dinner we went to Farmer Boys, a place right near our motel.

On Friday, we went to the Outlet Stores at Orange County, which is a place with lots of outlet stores. I bought myself a new teddy bear, which is something that I liked.

We went to the New Balance store so that Papa could buy himself sneakers, and went to see the Queen Mary from where she is now. We then went for a drive before going to look at the sunset at Hermosa Beach.

Dinner was at an Arby's near the motel, and we liked the Curly fries that they had.

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