Monday, 12 February 2018

America Trip 2 - Day 24 and 25

On Saturday we got up early and got on the road to go to Palm Springs. On the way we saw fake trees, which are actually telephone posts which look like trees. On our last holiday, we went to Joshua Tree National Park, thus driving past Palm Springs, but never going into it, so this was a new thing for us.

We stopped at the Visitor Centre on our way in, and decided to go to the Indian Canyons. We spent a good 2 hours hiking around there and having lunch, but went back into town for a ice cream. We looked at the place where Elvis Presley had his honeymoon, before going back to LA.

We then went back to La for dinner at Arby's (for the curly fries) before bed.

On Sunday, we got up and went to the Home Depot. We went so that Papa could see things he did not know he needed, and happen to buy them.

After that we headed to Venice Beach. We parked on one side of the canals, and walked across them.

However when we got to the beach, Papa took his top off in hope of getting a better tan, though I think that it remains the same still.

We then stopped of a mall nearby, so that we could sit down and have some hot drinks. We then returned the vehicle and headed to the airport.

So, 4 weeks away has come to an end.  Los Angeles, Boston, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Elkton, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles again.  Museums, parks, ferries, monuments and statues, churches, motels and apartments, cars, planes, buses and trains, people.  Pizzas, clam chowder, pretzels, curly fries, root beer, bagels, baby carrots. Over 1,800 photos - these blogs have contained just a small fraction of them.

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