Sunday, 5 January 2014


Earlier this week we went to the Zoo. We did a trump it trail and we saw the flybys van and we got a prize which was a chocolate bar, a camera and a pair of sunglasses. We were there for over 4 hours. First we saw the tigers. Next we went in the Aussie walkabout, but before we went in we found out that Janie the chimpanzee had died at the Auckland Zoo. She was the oldest animal at the Auckland Zoo and one of the chimpanzees in the world. The  Zoo has some giant Galapagos Tortoises which can live for 150 years! Next we went to the Te Wao Nui area which is new.  We finished up seeing the African Plains animals, and then we went home.

My favourite animal was the cheetah because it has spots and runs fast.

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Tsana Plessius said...

Hi Robin,
I really appreciate the effort you are putting into your blog entries, sharing info about your holiday activities. It was a great trip to the zoo, with so many changes since our last visit, particularly the Te Wao Nui exhibits. They were really well presented.
I loved watching all the different types of monkeys, and how they behave with one another.
Love Mama

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