Monday, 3 February 2014


On Sunday morning it was my baptism at St Philips Church in St Heliers. First Reverend Helen put the water on our head. Next she signed Karl and I with the cross. Then Jaz gave Karl his baptism candle and Julie gave me my baptism candle and baptism certificate. A lot of family came up for it.

After church we showed Uncle Steve around Auckland before we went home for lunch with the Reverend, her husband, and our family at our house. After lunch Uggie and I dropped Uncle Steve off at the airport.
My day was so so so so so fun.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Robin :)
You have never met me, but your mom and I were pen pals as children and then became friends!

I have enjoyed your Blogspot very much. Your baptism day sounds like it was super great. Thank you for sharing about that.

You are much ahead of me as I didn't get baptised until I was about 23 years old! I guess I'm slow!

perhaps one day, I'll see you there in New Zealand or here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada!
<3 Kara

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