Thursday, 3 December 2015

Trip to OMG Tech

Trip to OMG Tech

On Saturday 28 November, 19 students dform Glenbrae School went to a Spark building to do activities about Science. We take a bus to get to the OMG Tech building

When we got there we were spilt into groups. There were 25 groups to be split into. I was split into Group 2 Subgroup B. We then went off to our activities. Our first activity was 3d Printing.

Our next activity was pulling apart. I pulled apart a phone first of all. When I had finished pulling apart the phone I helped Loto pull apart a hard drive. Our next activity was coding. We had to code a program to make a maze and get an person through it.

The next activity that we did was Science. We learnt at Science how to stick a skewer in and out of a balloon without the balloon popping. We also made catapults out of marshmallow and skewers.

The last activity that we did was robotics. We had to program a robot to move around the track, stop on the X and get to the safety zone.

At the end of the day, I was tired and happy that I had gone with our school to OMG Tech.


Lindakiki @ Glenbrae School said...

"This is a nice and wonderful review about the day you went to OMG Tech... Keep going Robin"

Angelica Fakahau said...

Hi Robin, I really like your Recount on the OMG Tech.

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