Thursday, 25 January 2018

America Trip 2 - Day 4

Today we went arrived in Boston, after flying through the night to Detroit, before getting on another plane to get to Boston. I was tired when we got to Boston, but it did not help that I 
my parents had to wake me up every time we got up off the bus and train, as I fell asleep on my Grandmother's head.

Tram inside Detroit Airport

When we got to our accommodation, we found out after around an hour that the building had leaked, and that we were staying somewhere else. When we got to where we were staying, with Nana being driven as well as our big bags to the place by a maintenance man who showed up, we saw that the place was better looking than the last place we were at.

Mama and Papa went for a train ride to pick up some stuff that we needed, and when they got back we had dinner and went to bed.

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Russel Dunn said...

Hi Robin

Glad you enjoying an awesome trip with your whanau. Fortunately the weather has not interrupted your travel plans. Hopefully the weather warms up for your stay in Boston. The places of interest you are visiting reminds me of a family trip I did several years ago. Navigating New York during a blizzard and sub zero temperatures proved interesting to say the least. Fortunately you missed the federal goverment shutdown and most places like the statue of liberty will be open for visits etc.

Kia kaha kia toa and safe travels.

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