Friday, 13 February 2015

Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cakes

WALT:I am learning to use multiplication to find a fraction of a set.

1) 4 People have to share a birthday cake. There are 8 candles spread evenly around the birthday cake. How many candles are on one piece of the cake? 2

2) Draw little candles on the cake to check your answer.
8 divided 4 is 2 so the answer is 2

3) 2 people share a pizza. There are 20 pieces on pineapple spread evenly around the pizza. How many pieces of pineapple will they get each? 10

4) Draw on the pineapple to check your answer
20 divided by 2 is 10 so the answer is 10

5) 4 people share 16 sweets. How many do they get each? 4 sweets each

6) 5 people share 20 grapes. How many do they get each? 4 grapes each

7) 3 people share 15 oranges. How many oranges do they get each? 5 oranges each

8) 2 people share 18 marbles. How many marbles do they get each? 9 marbles

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