Friday, 20 February 2015

Reading Activity 4

The Fish Highway by Adele Jackson

WALT: Learning to make predictions on what is going to happen next in the text by using the key words in the preceeding sentences and paragarphs.

The oldest pipes that snake along Wellingtons street are brick lined and they are the stormwater pipes. They have fish living in and near them. Some of the pipes were built about 1880. The pipes are highways for fish and eels. One night a Fish Scientist saw some fish swimming in and out so she decided to investigate. She uses 250 metre long tape measure to tell her if there are any fish. She uses her pack on her back to make the fish unconscious then she puts the fish in and container and measures it, records what type it is. Then she puts it back in the water and finds another fish to record. She records the details about the fish in a notebook. There are 2 types of fish there and the longfin eel. The city are putting up kelp ladders so the little fish can climb them to get into the stormwater pipes. The newest pipes have bricks poking up so the little fish can rest on them and they can go up there if the current is too strong.

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