Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Grand Canyon Day 1

On Tuesday we got on the bus to go to South Kaibab Trail. We saw a rock squirrel. We did not do all of it, but we made it down to Ooh Aah Point. We started at over 7,000 feet and dropped 760 feet.  Once we made it up to the bus stop, we saw the Mules. Once we got on the bus we got off at the next stop to have a look around. The stop was Yaki Point. After we finished at Yaki Point we got back on the bus and got off at Pipe Creek Vista. From Pipe Creek Vista we walked down to Mather Point along the rim route. At Mather Point we went saw Colorado River. We only saw a little of the Colorado River. After that we went to the Yavapai Geology Museum. A ranger did a talk there. His talk was about the rocks at Grand Canyon outside the Museum. His talk was very interesting.


Mrs Tofa said...

I really like this recount. I like how you have sequenced the events of the day. The Grand Canyon looks amazing. Your photos with your family are great too.

Teaue-Leah said...

hi robin
your pics are very amazing lol teaue

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