Tuesday, 15 April 2014

San Francisco, Again

On Sunday we woke up, had breakfast and started our day. First we walked to the town hall. There were a lot of homeless people at the town hall. 

After that we got on the bus to go see the Painted Ladies. The Painted Ladies are a row of houses painted different colours.

Next we got on the bus again to go to see the Dutch Windmill in Golden Gate Park. Also at Golden Gate Park we went to see the Bison. While we were at the Bison we saw some Gophers. 

Next we went to the California Academy of Science. My favourite part was the rainforest when I was good at spotting things.

After that we went to the San Francisco Aquarium. My favourite part was touching the animals. The animals I touched were the Shark, the Stingray and the Starfish.

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Lindakiki @ Glenbrae School said...

Hi Robin that looks cool and also i liked that picture with you in the legoland cart

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