Saturday, 12 April 2014

San Francisco - day 1

Today we explored San Francisco.  We walked to get tickets then went on a trolley bus to Pier 39.  We saw sea lions, which were really noisy and smelly.

Then we did a 1hour San Francisco Bay cruise and went under the Golden Gate Bridge then around Alcatraz.  The Golden Gate bridge wire can wrap around the world 3 times, and the bridge is 1.25 miles long.  Alcatraz was a prison and the first prisoners went to the island in train carriages on a barge - they were so bad they were not allowed to step foot on land!

We did another Natioanl Park Junior Ranger badge for the San Francisco Martime Park.

We then went to try chocolate at the Ghirardelli chocolate factory then went on a cable car.  When we got off the cable car, we were in Chinatown, the largest china town outside of China.  We had dinner there, then went back to our hotel on a cable car and a trolley bus.

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Mrs Tofa said...

Biggest China Town out of China? Wow very nice. The cable car sounds exciting there is one in Wellington but that ride in Wellington is only for about a minute. How long did you ride in the cable car for?

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