Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Off to the Grand Canyon

On Monday 31 March, we had slow start to our travels as we needed to go to another doctor because of my eyes.  The amazing (and annoying) thing is that it took 45 minutes for the Pharmacy to prepare my eye drops.  At home, Mama takes my script to the pharmacy, and they give her the medicine in 5 minutes!

The first town we went through Peach Springs. Peach Springs does not have a lot in it. The next town we went through was Seligman. Seligman is where Cars and Planes is filmed. We saw Sheriff, Filmore, Doc Hudson, Mater and Red. The last town we went through was Williams. Williams was founded in 1881. Williams is famous for it's pies. It has the best pies in Arizona. We went to Pine Country Restaurant. Their pies were awesome.Their pies are so big that I could not finish my whole pie. They gave us some lollies when they came with the bill. Mama really wants to see an elk and/or a bear. So far we haven't seen one yet. We saw a dead elk near the the road.

Once we got into the Grand Canyon we saw a real live elk. Mama tried to get a photo but there was a tree in her way.We had dinner at their restaurant.


Mrs Tofa said...

You poor thing with your eyes. Hope they are getting better. Interesting about the time delay in getting your eye drops. Makes me appreciate the service we get in NZ.

Christopher said...

Hi Robin how did the Grand Canyon look like.

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