Sunday, 6 April 2014

Las Vegas, here we come

On Thursday morning saw that our car was covered in snow because it had kept snowing all night. After that we left and drove for a long way.  One of the places we saw was Hoover Dam, which was built to keep to control water flows and stop flooding along the Colorado.  It provides water for most of California, Arizona and Nevada and Mexico.  Did you know that a third of America's food comes from California, and that is because of Hoover Dam?!  We went inside the dam and saw power generators and looked out an air vent over the dam and the river.

The guide we were with said if the elevator didn't work he would take us over to the Arizona side and use their elevator.  If Arizona's elevator didn't work, we would need to take the stairs which we were half way down and there were 400 stairs to get back up!

We then went to Las Vegas, the city of casinos.  It had many casinos with people gambling, and on the streets there were cars and people and lights and it was noisy.  We went on The Strip, and saw the water and sound show outside the Bellagio and the volcano eruption outside the Mirage casino.


pitalady said...

You have been having a lovely time and have seen lots of amazing places, you are very lucky. Can't wait to see you soon, lots of hugs Nana x

Mrs Tofa said...

The photos look great. You are doing a very good job informing us about your travels Robin. Thank you.

cherise said...

wow Robin you didn't say your going every where.
p.s keep it up.

Chris G said...

Hi Robin all the picture that you show on your blog was so awesome KEEP IT UP.

Danny S said...

Hi Robin the picture has came up well.
Keep it up.

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